Friday, June 30, 2017

A year ago

My diagnosis came a year ago. A year ago I was sitting in the floor of my closet so my kids wouldn't see me & making calls to my husband, parents, and close friends. A year ago I was in tears, so unsure of what the next few weeks & months would bring, and so afraid I wouldn't be here to see my kids next birthdays.

We celebrated my oldest child's 16th birthday last night. We celebrate my youngest child's 6th birthday in a week. It's been a year and I am still here with no signs of stopping.

There have been several things happen since the last time I updated. I completed my 33 rounds of radiation. I HATED radiation. I went every day, Mon-Fri. Radiation only lasted about 15 min. each time but it was exhausting having to go every day & the last week of radiation I developed some pretty significant burns. My underarm & breast were awful. I would get out of the shower & my husband would look at me & cringe because of how painful it looked & how he knew I was feeling. It was a very rough two weeks while those healed but there are no signs of anything now. I also had a total hysterectomy on May 22nd. It was robotic so not nearly as big of a deal recovery wise as my mastectomy. I haven't had any hot flashes or mood swings (that I'm aware of) but I was proactive in finding an option that would help me our there. Since my cancer was estrogen receptor positive, hormone replacement therapy isn't an option for me. I have to take several medications each day to try & keep the cancer at bay & help with side effects from radiation & the hysterectomy, but I am hopeful the hard stuff is behind me.

I'm also super excited to announce that I have been asked to be a Portrait of Hope for the American Cancer Society for 2017. We participate heavily in all the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events in the Tulsa area. I will make a speech at the Kickoff Breakfast in Aug. so I'm preparing for that & super excited to share my story & help others going through their own battles.

The last year has been hard & crazy & long & fast & so many other things. I'm so grateful to be here with my family & that I'm being given the opportunity to help others going through their own fight with breast cancer. I'm still working & staying busy with my family & trying to find my "new normal." I will likely always be a breast cancer patient. But I am so many other things & this will just be a part of my story!


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